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Thought-Leader on Self-Identity

As a businessman, educator, and speaker, Stedman presents, consults, and conducts trainings with corporations, educational entities, the military and veterans, nonprofits, and the government. Throughout his numerous professional endeavors and achievements, Stedman has kept a consistent focus on his commitment to education and lifelong learning centered around the importance and value of understanding and embracing Identity.

Execute Thoughtful Actions

Through his impactful delivery and proven process, Stedman has delivered strong, consistent results to thousands of people worldwide desiring to develop the capacity to become more self-reliant, execute thoughtful actions and develop innovative ideas that revolutionize effectiveness.


Identity Leadership
Develop greater self-awareness and stronger self-leadership skills, allowing learners to realize how they can be more engaged in their path to personal and professional success by practicing how to effectively manage their lives.
Diversity: Leaders Not Labels

In Leaders Not Labels, Stedman Graham helps people understand that it is about recognizing your own strengths, being proud of your own culture and never having to apologize for who you are.

Business: Build Your Own Life Brand
Once you know who you are and what drives you, only then can you begin the process of polishing your brand—your promise—to garner recognition, appreciation, and responses.

Stedman's Education Programs

You Can Make It Happen

Today’s college students have more options and more challenges than ever before. Technology and subject matter change rapidly. The marketplace they are preparing for is global. Demands, requirements and rules in nearly every profession are ever-changing. Access to resources is changing. Competition is fiercer at the individual and organizational level. We live in a performance-based culture and it matters less and less where you are from, your race or gender, or even what college or university you attended; what matters is how students and graduates are able to interact and produce results. Stedman Graham’s You Can Make It Happen in College program enhances academic and personal performance by teaching a process for success. It puts resources and strategies in students’ hands to set higher, smarter goals for themselves and be more accountable for their lives in college and beyond.

Teens Can Make It Happen: Nine Steps to Success

In Teens Can Make It Happen programs, Stedman gives students the tools to overcome their fears and embrace their futures, limited only by the vision they have for themselves. He teaches teens that their potential is based on excellence, performance and results, rather than the outdated limitations of where they are from or what they look like. Graham provides young people with tools, skills and attitudes to achieve academic and workforce success. Programming targets high school students and can be offered as a one-time event or a series. SGA would develop programming format and delivery particulars for the workshop in cooperation with a client or sponsor.

Move Without the Ball

Stedman teaches student athletes that there is more to life than just being a professional athlete. Today, many teens buy into the illusion conveyed by TV and magazines—that it is easy to be a superstar. Wanting to play sports is a worthy goal. But, what happens if they don’t make it? What then? Many young people don’t achieve their full potential because they don’t understand the process of success. Stedman teaches the importance of education, health and fitness, as well as factors contributing to athletic performance. The idea is to be well rounded, which opens up many more opportunities for youth throughout a lifetime. He ensures they have time to build their dream and recognize that they can break free and realize their potential as an individual. In a down-to-earth, inspirational manner he encourages teens to stay in school, work harder in their studies, and focus their energies into building their futures.

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