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Motivational Success Strategist

Dr. Banks is a motivational success strategist who has consistently beaten the odds to achieve phenomenal success in her life and business. Overcoming obstacles such as dyslexia, domestic violence and a painful divorce, she went on to graduate from Howard University and Harvard Business School and become a successful, multi-millionaire entrepreneur. A Detroit native, she began her professional career in the computer industry as a sales representative for IBM, later joining Stratus Technologies as a manufacturing marketing manager.

Elite Executive National Sales Director

As a mother of two, Dr. Banks began selling Mary Kay products after a difficult divorce to supplement her income. Within a year, she set the company sales record. Within a few more years, her business had grown to over $24 million in retail sales with a sales group of over 6,000 consultants. Her record-breaking ascent to Elite Executive National Sales Director, the highest sales position, was faster than anyone in the company’s 50-year history. Dr. Banks is one of only three women who currently hold this position in the United States.

She is the co-founder of Charisma Factor, a motivational speaking and coaching company with an international impact. Considered an expert in the fields of motivation, self-esteem, and sales training, Dr. Banks has trained internationally in China, Russia, Mexico, Canada, Germany, South Africa, United Kingdom, Australia, Kazakhstan, and Brazil.

Why Book This Speaker

A seasoned storyteller, Dr. Banks presents her ideas and thoughts in a conversational style and uses creative humor to impact her audience. She has been described as “energy in motion.” Her enthusiasm is contagious, and her message is strong. “Success is a choice that once committed to can be achieved.”


In her workshop, People-ality, Dr. Banks teaches the power of having great people skills and the impact it has on nearly every avenue of life.

In What It Takes, an online personal development series for leaders and career professionals, she walks business professionals through strategies to improve their career.

A dynamic storyteller, Gloria presents her ideas and thoughts in a conversational style and uses creative humor to impact her audience. She leads by her own example, demonstrating hat through determination and hard work, any goal can be achieved. She has appeared on media outlets such as CNN, CNBC and ABC-TV, in addition to publications such as Fortune, Working Woman, Glamour, PINK and Ebony magazines.


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