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Entrepreneur | Author



Founder of Gigi's Cupcakes | Entrepreneur | Author

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Music City

The singer/songwriter moved to Nashville to pursue her dream of a career in the music industry only to discover success in the culinary arts years later. An entrepreneur at the early age of 15 years old, she opened her first business, Gigi’s Cleaning Company and continued that business when she landed in Music City. She cleaned houses during the day and sang at local honky-tonks at night. After a decade of pursuing music, Gigi decided to step back and focus on her financial future. She decided to take a chance on another passion—baking.

Gigi's Cupcakes

After being turned down by various banks, she leveraged several personal credit cards to fund the business and gambled everything she had to open her first location on February 21, 2008, with only $33 left to her name. Fortunately, her sweet treats quickly became Nashville’s delicacy dessert of choice. Soon after, Gigi’s Franchising, Inc. was born and Gigi’s Cupcakes locations began popping up throughout the south and now across the country. The gamble paid off as her franchise locations grossed an estimated $43 million in sales in 2013. Gigi admits she’s living the unexpected American dream as she risked it all on an idea hoping customers would love her creations.


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The American Dream Continues

Gigi recently launched her own line of kitchen textiles that includes everything from kitchen towels and pot holders to tote bags and coasters. Each piece in the collection has a sweet or sassy saying on them and they are available for purchase on her website or in select retail locations across the country.

Gigi’s book, The Secret Ingredient: Recipes for Success In Business and Life, was released in December 2018. In the autobiography, Gigi shares her personal success story, her hard-won business acumen, and the life-changing inspiration that she’s gained from a challenging life. Each chapter includes a piece of business advice and a delicious sweet or savory recipe. The book is available on her website (, on Amazon, or anywhere books are sold!

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