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Elite-Level Sales and Leadership Coach, Partner at Southwestern Coaching


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Leading by Example

Gena draws her management and coaching experience from her time spent as a corporate recruiter and salesperson with Southwestern’s oldest and most recognized company, Southwestern Advantage. This is where Gena realized the value of schedule, habits, leading by example, and never asking anyone to do anything you’re not willing to do.

Training and Coaching

After working with college interns in Southwestern Advantage’s program for six years, Gena had the desire to work with salespeople who wanted to be sales professionals. She wanted to work with people who had chosen to make sales their career. Naturally, Gena teamed up with Southwestern Coaching, and since January 2012, she has been training and coaching sales managers and their sales teams across the country. She is an example that no matter what you’re selling, where you’re selling, or how new you are to your market—good habits, a good schedule, and time-tested principles equal success.


Natural-Born Salesperson

Like most, you’re probably all too familiar with the stigma surrounding sales. Unfortunately, attempts to avoid this perception have left sales professionals with weak language and a passive approach to generating business. Have you ever stopped to think about how this is costing your company and potential clients? In this eye-opening program, Gena will debunk the most common and costly myth in the sales profession and in turn reveal the three secrets to elevate your practice and enhance your customer’s experience. She will revolutionize your perception of sales and once you’ve heard her speak you won’t be able to deny your natural-born salesperson.

"All of us have some degree of influence—your influence might be local, but your impact can be global."

- Mark Brown


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