Co-Founder and Senior Partner of
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Co-Founder and Senior Partner of Southwestern Consulting


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Positive Attitude

Life is hard. It’s easy to get knocked down with the everyday monotony. The road to personal happiness and professional success is littered with opportunities to become discouraged and disenfranchised with all the work required to create breakthroughs. Which is why having a positive attitude and living with positive energy matters more today than ever before—and that’s where Gary comes in. He will help you and your team dig down deep and access the explosive potential of an attitude adjusted and a life re-energized.

Engage, Boost, Maximize

Through a series of engaging stories and entertaining anecdotes, Gary will equip your team with practical tools for increasing the energy and enthusiasm they live with each day. Gary’s message will help you create more employee engagement, boost team morale, and maximize productivity and peak performance. If you are wanting a powerful pick-me-up, then it’s time to turn it up a notch.


Turn It Up A Notch

This keynote zeros in on three main areas—attitude, alignment/balanced lifestyle, and accountability. This is Gary’s signature keynote and he has performed it over 200 times around the world. Each audience member will be guided through an exercise called the Ideal Wheel. They will be given a system to actually keep score and monitor their growth in the seven critical areas of their lives. In addition, each of the participants will be led through putting together a very powerful 60-day game plan to absolutely turn it up a notch in their lives and careers.

Millionaire Mindset

For most people, 60% to 80% of what we say when we talk to ourselves is negative or survival mode. These are things such as, “I have got to go to work,” “I must eat,” “I need to make money,” “I have to try harder to be nice,” and the list goes on and on. The conversations in our heads are not incredibly inspiring. In this session, Gary will teach you how to train your mind to think inspiring and positive thoughts in a fun, heart-tugging way. By the end of the session, the audience will be writing their own powerful affirmations that they can and should recite daily to shift their attitude, activity, and results in numerous areas of their lives.

What Do You Want?

This session has you digging deep into your core values and exploring the lengths you are willing to go to, no matter what, to achieve what it is you really want. Your life becomes much clearer when you have a vision for what makes you tick and what it is you really want. You will walk away from this session more driven, more inspired, and more focused. This session includes quite a bit of group participation. 

Gettin’ In & Gettin’ Out

How to Get in Every Prospect's Door and Out with a Sale

If you want to reach your sales goals, you need to get in front of the key decision-makers, lead them through the sales process, and get out with a signed contract. This book shows you how. Filled with proven and creative prospecting and closing techniques, Gettin’ In & Gettin’ Out takes the mystery out of sales success.



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