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Executive-level Sales and Leadership Coach, Senior Partner at Southwestern Coaching


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Top Producer

A practitioner of what she teaches, Emmie is an ultra-performer, consistently ranking in the top 1% of sales forces. Her success led her to spend four years on a national tour training sales organizations around the country. During that time, she interviewed and spoke to over 550 teams, learning extensively about what creates breakdowns in communication, why salespeople don’t make the sale, and the reasons that organizations don’t reach their potential.

Experienced Leader

It’s incredibly rare to find someone who can be both a top performer and a top sales leader. Emmie is one of those people. In her former direct-sales career, she was on the coveted Wall of Greats for recruiting some of the most successful teams in history. During that time, she also ran hundreds of group interviews and conducted more than a thousand one-on-one interviews for potential salespeople. At Southwestern Coaching, she also leads one of the largest organizations in the entire company. Today, she coaches some of the most successful sales leaders from top companies around the world.


Manage Systems to Lead People

Too often in organizations, the leader isn’t able to do their job effectively because they or the team is disorganized, distracted, or disinterested in the key details that need to be kept up with to drive real leadership change. Emmie shares with you the fundamental processes that the most effective leaders from around the globe use to help their people reach their peak potential.

The People Business: How to Source, Select, and Retain Top Sales Talent

From having to sort through piles of resumes to knowing how to interview someone to see if they truly have the persistence and dedication it takes to be successful, this all has to be considered in the hiring process. But that’s not all, because once you hire them, you have to figure out how to train them properly, keep them motivated, and engage them so they don’t leave you and go to your competitor. Emmie can guide you through it all!

Seek-First Selling: Why Listening is More Compelling Than Telling

Losing sales that should’ve been made is unfortunately all too common for the average salesperson. Without a meaningful change in strategy, it’s very normal to continue in the same direction. Emmie has developed a solution-based selling model that can help you start to close more business. She will share with you the simple formula for preventing customer procrastination and rapidly increasing your closing percentages.

"All of us have some degree of influence—your influence might be local, but your impact can be global."

- Mark Brown


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